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How to Get All Badges in the Grimace Shake Simulator

Unleash Your Inner Badge Master Learn the Secrets to Earn All Badges in the Grimace Shake Simulator Get Started Now.

In the fun Roblox game Grimace Shake Simulator, players may hang out with their pals, purchase shakes from Grimace's shop, and accomplish other chores to unlock badges and in-game goodies. You're at the proper spot if you want to complete this excellent game's badge collection. We'll lead you through every step to get every medal in the Grimace Shake Simulator in this detailed tutorial.

We're glad you're here to check out our thorough guide to Grimace Shake badge mastery! Every badge that is available in the game may be earned by following the steps in this page. Grimace Shake is an exhilarating and compelling game that puts players to the test as they attempt to fulfill a variety of objectives and achievements while earning badges in the process. You'll be prepared to dominate the game and show off your badge collection so that your rivals will be envious of you with our comprehensive techniques and advice.

Familiarizing Oneself with Grimace Shake Badge System

Learn about Grimace Shake's badge system before getting into the techniques. By completing certain goals and milestones in the game, players may receive unique prizes known as badges. In the world of the game, they serve as evidence of your abilities, successes, and commitment.

Depending on how challenging they are, the badges in Grimace Shake are divided into multiple levels, including Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Even while each tier signifies a higher degree of difficulty, it also offers more benefits and recognition.

Methods to Earn Bronze Badges

Beginner Shaker Bronze Badge

In order to master Grimace Shake, you must first get the Novice Shaker badge. You have to successfully finish the lesson in order to get this badge. Get familiar with the gameplay by following the in-game tutorials to master the fundamentals. Take your time and learn the subtleties of shaking at this stage rather than rushing.

The Ingredient Explorer Bronze Badge is awarded.

Learn about different ingredients in the game by earning the Ingredient Explorer badge. To make distinctive shakes, try out various mixtures and recipes. You can be surprised by some astonishing combinations if you mix and match, so don't be frightened!

Achieving Silver Badges 

Speedy Server Silver Badge

You need to perfect the speedy shake serving technique to get the Speedy Server badge. quickly and without sacrificing quality, fulfill client requests. To get this badge, pay attention to the clock and attempt to speed up your service.

Flavor Fusionist Silver Badge

To get the Flavor Fusionist badge, you must produce shakes that are exceptionally tasty and diverse. Utilizing your consumers' tastes as a guide, try out various combinations and ingredients. More people will be drawn in and this glistening insignia will follow if the food is distinctive and varied.

Trying to get Gold Badges

Combo Master gold badge 

Not for the weak-hearted, the Combo Master badge. Get this renowned prize by pulling off remarkable shake-making combinations. To demonstrate your proficiency, place a string of successful orders without any errors.

A precision pourer's gold badge 

Acquiring the Precision Pourer badge requires precision. To prevent spillage and waste, fill the cups precisely. This recognition will be yours with a steady touch and strong attention to detail.

Striving for Platinum Badges

The Ultimate Grimace Shake Master Platinum Badge is available.

With the badge for Ultimate Grimace Shake Master, you are facing the toughest test yet. Every facet of the game must be mastered to get this badge. Before making an attempt to get this illustrious distinction, you must possess all Bronze, Silver, and Gold badges. You will be supported on your trip by tenacity, commitment, and outstanding abilities.


How To Complete The Grimace Shake Simulator Game's Badge System

In the Grimace Shake Simulator game, a total of 17 badges are now available. Let's go through each badge and how to get it:

You Participated!

Every player immediately receives the "You Played!" badge after logging in for the first time. It acts as a warm reward and requires no special player behaviors.

Beep Beep 

Place yourself in the center of the road and wait for a car to come by to obtain the "Beep Beep" badge. Get struck by a car when it spawns on purpose to lose all of your health and turn red on your screen. The "Beep Beep" badge will subsequently be awarded to you.

Beep Beep

Happy Birthday, Grimace!

Visit Grimace's shop and make an order for a Grimace to get the "Happy Birthday Grimace" badge. When the NPC says "sure, one second," it means your drink is about to be made. Take a taste of the beverage after receiving it to obtain the "Happy Birthday Grimace" badge.

Happy Birthday, Grimace!

The Grimace Incident

Continue sipping the Grimace Shake until your character's screen goes purple to get the "The Grimace Incident" badge. Continue drinking as your character ages until they pass away. You will be awarded the "The Grimace Incident" badge after passing away.

The Grimace Incident


Consume the Grimace Shake until your screen becomes purple in order to get the "Relief" badge. When it happens, go to Grimace's store's restroom to use the toilet. When you use the restroom, a message will display stating "gosh, that feels much better," and you'll also get the "Relief" badge.

ʇuǝpᴉɔuᴉ ǝɔɐɯᴉɹƃ ǝɥʇ

The "The Grimace Incident" badge has been flipped to become the "upu" badge. You must have a slight possibility of getting inverted from excessive drinking in order to earn this badge. You'll get the badge if you persevere and successfully become inverted.

ʇuǝpᴉɔuᴉ ǝɔɐɯᴉɹƃ ǝɥʇ

An explosion in a sewer hole

Step on the sewage hole in the spawn location repeatedly until it bursts to get the "Sewer Hole Explosion" badge. Once the explosion happens, the badge will be yours.

An explosion in a sewer hole


To get the "Louie" badge, locate Louie the mouse. Enter by going to the sewage hole and pressing E. There is a garbage can inside. When you interact with the garbage can while holding E, Louie will be inside, awarding you the badge.


Sewage Jump

After entering the sewer hole, leap while in the sewage to get the "Sewage Jump" badge. You will automatically swim out of the sewer and get the badge if you let the water flush you into the ocean.

Sewage Jump

Shark Attack

Search for sharks along the beach after they have been flushed into the water. Run into them a number of times to get the "Shark Attack" badge.

Shark Attack

wholesome shake

Go to the cashier's residence, which is to the left of Grimace's shop, to get the "Healthy Shake" badge. The nutritious Grimace Shake recipe may be found within. To get the badge, gather the necessary components from the refrigerator, make the shake according to the directions, and then indulge in it.

wholesome shake

Purchase My Coffee

Go to the sewer and click the "$" symbol in the bottom left corner of your screen to get the "Buy Me A Coffee" badge. If you donate any Robux, you'll get the badge in return.

Purchase My Coffee

ppp s luno + uop no

Another inverted badge is this one. Find the wooden block in the cashier's home that looks brighter than the rest in inverted mode. You may click on it to be sent to a different planet where you can get the "ppp sluno + uop no" badge. Grimace may be interacted with to get the badge "The Council Has Decided."

The Shrine

Grab a key from the cashier's home's bedroom at night to acquire the "The Shrine" badge. Then, make your way to Grimace's store's rear and dive into the recycling can to uncover a purple item. Get a milkshake from Grimace's store, buy a shark from the shop, then jump into the bathroom's purple painting while sacrificing all three things. The "The Shrine" badge is yours.

The Shrine

That is the complete list of the 17 badges that may be earned in Grimace Shake Simulator. The "Met The Developer / Tester" badge may need more work to get compared to other badges, which are often simple to gather. Don't be disheartened, however, since the game creators are well recognized for caring about their community and often provide chances to interact with them or take part in unique events to gain this badge.

Now go out into the realm of Grimace Shake Simulator with your buddies and show off your badge collection!

How many badges are there in Grimace Shake Simulator?

Currently, there are 15 badges available for players to collect in Grimace Shake Simulator.

Are all badges easy to obtain?

Most badges can be obtained relatively easily, but some, like meeting a developer or tester, may require more effort and time.

How do I get the "You Played!" badge?

The "You Played!" badge is given to all players when they first log into the game.

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